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About Us

About Us

Dephena Health & Beauty was founded to empower all people through health, beauty, and nutrition. Our goal is to help you unleash your inner beauty and achieve each of your health and nutritional goals.

We believed that there was a big gap in what most other companies were offering in this space. You had no individual support, advice, or communication to assist you in reaching your ultimate goals. Dephena places a large emphasis on an individualized approach where each and every one of our customers has access to a dedicated and experienced health and beauty coach. Your coach is devoted to helping you reach your goals in any way possible. Whether that's with choosing one of our products, recommending food plans, or changing daily habits, we're here for you.

Another aspect we thought needed to be addressed was creating products with proven, sustainable, and natural ingredients without any unneeded components. Each ingredient in each of our products has a role in achieving the product's end goal. One each product page you will always find details and explanations for the reasoning for choosing each ingredient in our formulas. We source all natural and pure ingredients to create our products in our GMP compliant, FDA registered, and USA based facility. 

In order for us to accomplish our goal of empowering all people through health, beauty, and nutrition, we realized that our involvement needs to be much more than just our interactions with customers. That's why we place a large emphasis on giving back to our communities and international communities throughout the world. Portions of every purchase are donated to charitable organizations to empower underprivileged populations through promotion of health and opportunity. To learn more about how you can help us in our charitable outreach and programs, email us at giveback@dephena.com.